What is Guest posting in SEO and Types? [Properly]

guest blogging in seo

Firstly I will tell you about the Guest Blogging and Secondly, I will tell you Guest posting in SEO and Types. Guest Blogging is also known as Guest posting. If you are a blogger or you have a little knowledge about Blogging then you should familiar with the Guest posting. It is very popular in the market Nowadays.

In this posting, you will write a beautiful and unique article for other site or blog and in return, you will get a link from other site or blog. You may also take links to the Social Media profiles. It is a win to win policy in which you will get a link and the website or blog owner will take content. Both got to have an advantage.

This strategy is not limited to Link building because it creates trust in each other.

What is Guest posting in SEO?

Guest posting in SEO is an off-page technique in which you want to make content popular quickly and also you want Backlink. Because you know that Guest posting has a great juice in Link building. It is included in a ranking factor of Google.

It is a biographical Representation that tells you about the author and the Company. If you do the guest posting on a popular blog and you have great content then it means you got a lot of subscribers and Traffic from the article that you wrote and then you can interact with your audience through the comment section.

It will also create your Social following and Trust Flow.

How to do Guest posting properly?

This is a question Mostly people ask Google Now I am here to tell you according to my knowledge and Experience. The first step is to find your same blog niche sites that have a great social following and huge Organic Traffic. To find out the same niche sites you can Google it as following.

Keyword” + write for us

Topic” + write or us

I will take an example of health e.g. I want to write a guest post on health so I will search on Google like this.

guest posting in SEO


These are the results that provide us with a Guest posting. Now After that, you can contact to the Blog or Website Owner and tell the Guest post Idea.

If the blogger will like your idea then definitely He or She will pitch back. And you should read all the guidelines of Guest posting that you want otherwise your article will be rejected.

Once you gave the article then you should wait and after that check the Results.

Guest posting Types:

There are two types of Guest posting in SEO. One is a do-follow Guest post and other is No-follow Guest post. Firstly I will talk about the Do-follow link as follows:

Do Follow Guest Post:

Do Follow Guest Post means that Do-Follow link, is a link that Google will follow it and It has a great value.  If the Search Engine follows the link then Human can also follow that Link. Do follow link usually occurs in the anchor text and it has a great value The Best thing is to put that keyword in the anchor text that wants to link the post or page.

An Example of Do-follow link are as following:

<a href=” https://ahmadnazir.com/”>Ahmad nazir</a>

All the hyperlinks are do follow by default. You don’t do anything to make it do-follow.

No follow Guest Post:

No follow Guest Post means that No Follow link is a link in which Google bot does not follow that link But Human can follow that link. But as Compared to the Do Follow it has less juice and less weight. Google Former employee Matt cuts says that it matters in the Link building So, You should take the No-follow Backlinks.

An Example of No-follow links are as following:

<a href=” https://ahmadnazir.com/” rel=”no follow”>Ahmad nazir</a>

This is an example of no follow link.



These are the Guest posting SEO and Types I have discussed above It is now a trending strategy you should use this strategy to have a good rank on Google and it has great juice and one of this biggest advantage is that it creates the relationship with the same niche people and it increases the trust flow and Domain Authority of your Blog or website. And If you have more knowledge about the Guest posting then you can tell me in the Comment section Below I will be there for you.


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  2. Wonderful Article! Guest Posting is one of the best methods to build quality backlinks and as per your words, it is not that easy to pick any website for guest posting. One must need to maintain the relevancy. Guest Posting must be done on the relevant websites only.

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  4. Guest posting Types: There are two different types of Guest posting in SEO. One is a do-follow Guest post, and other is No-follow Guest post. Do follow link usually happens in the anchor text, and it has an excellent value. The very best thing is to place this keyword in the anchor text which wishes to link the page or post.

  5. Guest posting is not only getting the backlinks for your website. It is also medium the target new visitors and building the brand authority. Anyway thanks for publishing amazing article. I love your way of writing.

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