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How To Bulk Add UTM Parameters To Google Ads?

In this article, I will tell you about the How to Bulk add UTM parameters to google ads? Firstly I will tell you about what are UTM parameters?

What are the UTM Parameters?

UTM parameters are tags added to a URL that allow you to track the performance of your online marketing campaigns. Adding UTM parameters to your Google Ads URLs is important to help you understand which campaigns are driving traffic and conversions.

Steps to add UTM Parameters to Google Ads?

Here’s how to bulk add UTM parameters to Google Ads:

  1. Create a Spreadsheet: Start by creating a spreadsheet in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel that contains the URLs you want to add UTM parameters to.
  2. Define UTM Parameters: Determine what information you want to track with UTM parameters. The five required UTM parameters are source, medium, campaign, content, and term.
  3. Build UTM Strings: Use a URL builder tool to create UTM strings for each URL. The UTM string will contain the values for the five UTM parameters, separated by ampersands (&).
  4. Add UTM Strings to Spreadsheet: In your spreadsheet, add a column next to your URL column and paste the UTM string you created for each URL.
  5. Import Spreadsheet to Google Ads: In Google Ads, navigate to the campaign you want to bulk add UTM parameters to, and select the Ads & Extensions tab. Then click on the +Import button and select the option to import from a Google Sheet.
  6. Map Columns: Map the columns in your spreadsheet to the appropriate fields in Google Ads, including the final URL column where you added the UTM parameters.
  7. Import Data: After mapping the columns, click on the Import button to import the data from your spreadsheet.

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In summary, bulk adding UTM parameters to Google Ads involves creating a spreadsheet with your URLs, defining UTM parameters, building UTM strings, and importing the data into Google Ads.

By using UTM parameters, you can track the performance of your online marketing campaigns and make informed decisions about your advertising strategy.

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