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How to do Keyword Research in only 5 Minutes?

Keyword research is a key component now a days everybody should know about this. As the competition rises, keyword research was difficult but if you have proper knowledge then it can be easy. I will you about keyword research in 5 minutes just wait and read the content below.

There are many keywords research tools some are free and some are paid like Google keyword planner, keyword surfer are free while ahrefs , semrush, uber suggest are paid, people are using now a days.

If I talk about ahrefs that it easy to do keyword research in 5 minutes. You have to follow the guidelines that will discuss below:

Guideline to do keyword Research in 5 minutes?

  1. You have to Find the Seed keyword Means What is your seed keyword?

Like you have a seed keyword name SEO you will go to the keyword explore section and put it there then you will see all the data of the keyword like Search Volume, keyword difficulty, target country, relevant terms and all the results that people have ranked.

ahrefs keyword research


2. Then you will go to the matched terms that will be on the left section after clicking you will see all the relevant keywords regarding the seed keywords.


ahrefs keyword research matching term


3. Then you will go and include the what, where, why, when, tips, learn , guide etc in the filter section You can also filter kd < 30 after filtering there will be keywords that you can target in your Blog.


Ahrefs matching filter

4. You can export this keywords file and then you have to set keywords group and use in the article in the proper way.

You have to create a sheet with main keywords and relevant keywords in the proper way. It can also exclude the keywords like you want to exclude brand keywords etc you can filter it.

If you want to filter Search Volume like minimum and maximum you can filter the keywords it gets you data.

Export ahrefs keywords

This was the example of informational keywords now I will talk about the commercial keywords like best, cheap, vs, etc

If you want commercial intent then you can include these keywords best, cheap, vs in the ahrefs tool then there will be the results shown according to the commercial now you can select the keywords which you want and use in the Blog.

But make sure this industry is less competitive than informational intent Always select two keywords for your article like if you are writing about “best SEO tips” then this will be your main keyword while,

You have to select the secondary keyword like SEO tips 2023 and use these keywords in the content accordingly.



In Short, Keyword research is a process that involves understanding the language and phrases used by your target audience to find and search for the products or services that you offer.

It involves identifying relevant terms and phrases, analyzing their search volume and competition, and then using that information to optimize your website and other online content for those keywords.

The process typically takes several hours or even days to complete, depending on the size and complexity of your business and the depth of your market research.

In a nutshell, keyword research is a important step in SEO, but it is not something that can be done quickly or without significant effort.

This method you will find the keywords in 5 minutes and your time will be saved. So, I am recommending you to focus on this method and prepare for the next phase like content writing, on page SEO and off page SEO and your content will get rank quickly if you are providing valuable content.

Ahmad Nazir
Ahmad Nazir
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