What are the Local SEO citations? Help your Ranking Locally?

Local SEO citations

Local SEO Citations sites are the online places in which your Business Data like name, address, phone number (NAP) is listed on these sites that will help you rank in Google Search Engine. Citation sites like Google business, yelp or yellow pages Google trust these sites which may get you higher in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It means when you add business locally then you should add your business to these citation sites.

I will tell you about two Citation sites that are more popular as following.

1.Yellow Pages

yellow pages

2. Yelp:


Let’s take an example if we search SEO experts in London then two types of results will show first is ads results and second is Local SEO results. In ads results, you will pay to the Google and in the Local SEO, you have to give importance to the Local SEO tips that I have been discussed.

For Ads Site :

Ads Business site
Ads Business site

For Organic Local SEO :

local seo results
local SEO results

In the Local SEO citations sites, it contains minimal information like Business name, address and phone number when it connects it gives you the maximum effect in ranking. This citation is referred to as the full citation.

When you will add Business to the citation sites then make sure that the business name, address and phone number should be same to all citation sites. The format should be also the same.

Citation sites like Google My Business, Yelp or Yellow Pages can be free or paid submission service which is one way of generating valid Local SEO citation listing.

If you want to list your Business then make sure that you should be listed on niche directory sites. Google will prefer those sites ranking that is the same Niche Sites.

Types of Local SEO citations?

They are two types of Local SEO citations structured citation or unstructured citation. First I will explain the structured citation and next, I will explain unstructured citation.

Structure Citation:

When we worked on the structure citation then make sure that all information should be the same for all citations sites. The Tool that is using Nowadays is Moz Local SEO tool that will monitor citation sites and tell you the errors do you have in Local Listening. Errors will be duplicate listening, add photos of business to listening and add business categories. This process is called citation optimization.

Optimization citation plays an important role in your Business in google search Engine ranking. More your Business matches to the citation sites more you will come first on Google Search Engine Result Page.

Unstructured Citation:

An unstructured citation is known as links because when we create local content for your Business these content focus on Business, Events or Locations with client desired geo-targeted area.

If you have a business of Bakery then you can go to the blogger that will write an article for you and tell the audience that Best Bakery in London and he will mention your business.  It means you have taken backlink locally and it will be unstructured.

When will be unstructured citation be good when you will add the business to the citation sites. And then target customer will come to the blog and click the link and go for your Business. If you add business citation properly then they will go and check your Business.

All the efforts regarding the structure and unstructured citation results in business digital Presence. Through this increased presence, the customer will come to your business and it will increase your conversion rate.


  1. Knowing what area you are going to target is more important. Global and local Seo are two very different things I thought. Start Your SEO efforts for local exposure first. Nice article Ahmad.

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