Ahrefs are Starting his New Search Engine


Dmitry Gerasimenko is the CEO of Ahref, He is starting his new Search Engine that will support content creators and supports users privacy policy. Dmitry will support the content creators from search revenue with 90/10 split favor of Content creators.

1. Google is supporting his Advertiser

Dmitry said Google is increasing site visitors for itself, resulting in less traffic to content creators.

Let’s check the other tweet of Ahref CEO as follows:

2. Users Privacy Policy is easily be leaked on Google

According to the Dmitry Gerasimenko Users, the privacy policy is not secured on google. Everyone knows that Google is tracking you everywhere you are they are tracking you. It means that User privacy policy is easily be leaked on google.

According to Dmitry, you have to switch Search Engine and goes for his new Search Engine.

3. Google Model is Unfair

Dmitry noticed that Google Model is Unfair and they are not supporting the content creators. Here he tells about the characteristics of his Search Engine.

“Remember that banner on Wikipedia asking for a donation every year?

Wikipedia would probably get a few billion from its content in the profit share model.

And could pay people who polish articles a decent salary.”

4. Dmitry said Search Engine should encourage Publishers

Dmitry said Search Engine especially Google should encourage Publishers You should give importance to the publishers because they worked very Hard to publish an article and If you don’t give importance they can switch Search Engines.

So Giving Importance is an important thing that google should notice.

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