Bing Brings New Action Extension to Show Call-to-Action


Bing launches a new extension for the advertiser that will use a Call-to-Action button with Text-ads. In Bing, new Action Extension Helped advertiser to 20% average increase to Calls-to-Action. Now Extension is out and available worldwide.

Let’s take an example of Action Extension of Bing Ads as follows:


In the Pc layout Image, there is a browse button You can just click the button and go for your Designation point. and in the Mobile layout Button Image, there is Reserve Icon you can go for it and reserve your seat. This type of Action Extension will bring Bing Ads.

The ration of Click through Rate will increase through these Action Buttons.

Bing tells the following key Details for Action Extension as follows:

  1. Click on Action Extensions will be charged same as Cost-per-Click click on the text ads.
  2. Action Extension can be shown with other ads extension.
  3. The URL fields are all optional
  4. Action Extension Can be associated with the campaign, ad group or the account.

You can create Action Extensions via Bing ads online. Action Extension is available in Bing ads for both Mobile and Desktop Version.

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