Google Assistance Gives the “Rich Answer”

google assistance

Google Assistance gives the Rich Answer. It gives you point to point answer. It provides you graphics, tools, and visual Content in Google Assistance Search Result for Android Devices. Google search results are giving a unique way of content.

There is a different interface of Google Assistance name snippets, one box, knowledge panel, and direct answer. When you search on Google Assitance the interface changes according to the requirement.

google assistance

It is used in billion devices. It makes our work very Easy. You can search for everything you want.

You can set your time table. You can set your timing meeting. It becomes very popular in publishers, marketers, and Google itself.

Search Queries are shifting to Voice Searches. So, Companies are focusing on Voice Search and make investments on it. Google is preferring the Voice Search websites.

If you want to monetize your website then you should work on Voice Searches because 2 out of 4 adults used this technology.

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