Google Rates the Mobile Visibility the Most Web Visited Sites

Masterful Mobile Web

Google rates the Mobile Visibility the Most Web Visited sites. Google declares the Masterful Mobile Web that will tell you the mobile experience of most visited sites on the Web.


Out of 100, 60 percent of searches come from Mobile Searches. Google Masterful Mobile Web Shows that How many sites in each category passed in different tests.

There are following reasons behind after assessing User Experience Specialist when collecting the data.

  • How Customer can quickly find what they want?
  • Page speed should be Good for Overall Experience.
  • Are the Mobile pages are mobile-friendly to fit on the mobile screen.
  • Does the site has clear and fit Transaction process?
  • Product Presentation should be Good with Visible CTA.

The Sites were tested in over 60 mobile usability areas. Each one has its own page you can check the data. The main point of the Master Mobile Web is that it is not focused primarily on speed. It goes to the deeper  How the people experienced the Mobile Web Pages and How People navigate the mobile Pages.

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