How to get more followers in Pinterest in 2019 [Important]

how to increase pinterest followers

If you want to get more followers in Pinterest in 2019 then you are in the right place. I am here to tell you about How to get more followers in Pinterest for your Business.

Pinterest is the Social Media Site in which users connect with each other, communicate with each other and also share the content with each other. The content is in the form of pins. Pinterest passed the 250 million monthly active users. It’s the number one shopping platform. Where people promote their Products. So looking to get more followers is a value proposition.

In Pinterest, 75 percent of users are women and 25 percent are men. So you have to choose Business according to the target audience.

How to get more followers on Pinterest in 2019

You can follow the steps below in order to increase followers of your profile.

1. Display Attractive Images:

In order to increase your Pinterest followers, you have to Display Attractive and Original Images in your Profile. In Pinterest, these images are the pins. 75 percent images are repinned in the Pinterest it means that the original images are uploading low. You should use original and Infographics images that may get an attraction to your profile. Other Pinner will come to your profile after seeing the attractive images then they will pin your Images and you will get more followers.

2. Follow other Pins:

In Pinterest, you have to follow the other pins in order to increase followers. If you follow the other pins then there is the probability that they can follow your pins Backs. It will create a relationship between you and other pinners. So, follow other pins will increase your Pinterest followers.

3. Use Keyword:

When you use keywords in your image description then it will be good in terms of SEO and SERP. When users will want results then they will search in the Pinterest search engine then it will get results according to the search query. So if you did use the keyword in your description then your board will come and then there is a possibility you can be followed by them.

4. Addition of Pinterest Button:

In order to increase the  Pinterest followers, you have to add a button to your website what the button would? They took viewers from website to Pinterest Profile. You can set the button in the header bar or in the footer bar. Where they can see the pins of your profile. I will guarantee you they will follow you.

5. Join Same Niche Boards

In order to increase followers, you have to join same niche Boards because they have already a large number of followers they can see your pins and in return, they will repin your pins and they will follow your profile because you are in the same niche world.

6. Comment and Tagging:

You have to go the popular pin and then you comment there so that people can see your comment and see your profile and then they will follow you Back. You can also tag your friend this will get your comment more engaging.

7. Organize Board Section:

Pinterest now allows you to organize your Board Section. You can create individual room in every section. Doing this will add credibility to your Business and make it easier to increase followers to your profile.

create board

8. Verify your Website:

To ensure your profile picture appears close by the Pins clients are saving from your site, you have to guarantee your site’s credibility with Pinterest. Doing this will likewise give site investigation, enabling you to improve the feeling of what guests are sparing from your site.

claim website

9. Connection with Other Social Media Accounts:

You should interface your Pinterest account with the various internet-based life accounts so your companions and supporters from other online life stages can tail you on Pinterest. It will get more Pinterest followers.

10. Test, assess, evaluate, repeat.

Any great online networking advertiser realizes that experimentation is a key piece of the activity. Pinterest investigation offers a few devices and noteworthy experiences that assistance you perceive how your crowd is connecting with your substance.

In the case of something is working or not, it’s in every case great practice to make a stride back and assess why. After you’ve realized why something works, it will be simpler to apply later on.


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