7 SEO trends in 2019 that you need to know[Important]


As time passes, the new trends are coming in terms of SEO but I will tell you the 7 SEO trends in 2019 that you need to know that is important. Google search console tool is used to View your website in the Search Engine. How your website ranking is?

It tells you about the indexing of your pages on Google and it also tells you about the backlinks of your website. The new Search console has two options now that is the very important one for the Mobile and other is Amp (Accelerate Mobile Pages).

7 SEO trends in 2019 that you need to know [Important]

Let’s explore the SEO trends that are very important in 2019. Local SEO is also a trending factor in 2019 but I have Discussed in my previous article.

1. Blockchain SEO Trend:

Blockchain SEO is a very important trend in 2019 that you need to know. It is making our internet more secure that why this technology is getting more popular. Google Search Console is using the Blockchain technology to validate the Backlinks.

Google console also using the Blockchain technology in the searching algorithms. With the use of this technology, many companies have started applications that want to promote these services on demand.

Blockchain seo

2. Mobile first Indexing Trend:

Mobile first Indexing is a very trending Nowadays in which Google used the mobile version of your web page to index and rank in the Search Engine. Google first index doesn’t mean only for mobile. It is a single index with both Mobile and Desktop version.

Mobile first Indexing Basically means the website will be rank according to the quality of UX experience. Google did well because most traffic comes to the mobiles. So, if you want to rank in Google then you should use the Mobile first Indexing Technique.

mobile first index

3. Voice Search Trend:

Voice Search Domination is very important in 2019. 2 out 5 adult users use Voice Search because they don’t want to type in the touch keypad it takes times So, Adult will use this Technology in 2019. So, if you do SEO in a boundary of Voice Search Trend then it will be great for your website or blog.

According to the Research, in 2020 all of the online searches that comes from the voice search technology. So, be prepared for this trend.

4. Page Speed Trend:

If we talk about the previous trend of Page speed then we can say that Desktop page speed was a factor of Google Ranking. But Now Mobile Page speed is a ranking factor of Google. So, when you check the page of Desktop and then you should see the page speed of Mobile because it does matter in 2019.

If you want to check the speed of Desktop as well as Mobile then you should use the Google product name Pagespeed Insight. It tells you about the speed of desktop and mobile pages and gives you all types of Information that you can see and improve it. So, I recommend you to choose to check the speed.

page speed

5. Quality Content Trend:

There was a trend when quantity does matter but now in 2019 quality does matter. In earlier days many of the users have believed in quantity but in 2019, their mind has been changed Because of the Update of Google. They say the quality of content only matters now. It because when we write content it’s for users.

Users when search on the Google they want satisfaction with which they are searching. So, if Google satisfies the users then it will be a huge impact on Users. And User will come again and again. So, Quality is an important SEO trending factor.

6. Video Optimization Trend:

Many of the users don’t want to read the text because it takes more time but if we talk about the Video, Then everyone likes to see Videos because it creates more Engagement and Views. If we want to rank on YouTube then your video should be optimized Make sure you should provide your users a quality Videos that make money to your channel.

According to the Research, In 2020 Predicators says that Video will become a magnet for 75 percent of whole Internet traffic. So, Go ahead and Make a channel.

7. Artificial Intelligence Trend:

AI generation has big potential. It’s little wonder agencies are actively searching out approaches to using it of their paintings. The same is going for Google, and if (or alternatively while) they determine out the way to make it paintings, it’s going to inevitably affect search engine optimization.

As an instance of how synthetic intelligence may be integrated into Google’s ranking set of rules, it could be used to greater correctly sniff out websites practicing black-hat search engine marketing.

ai seo


SEO trends are changing according to the changing of Technology. Be Smart Guys, Just see the trend and add these rules into your SEO strategy. It will help you in the search Ranking and your SERP will be good. These are the most Important SEO trends that you need to know if you know more SEO trends then leave a comment below. I will see that I can add it to My Blog post.


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