Minor Difference between Local SEO and Global SEO?


There is minor Difference between local SEO and Global SEO but first, We will talk about the SEO, SEO is Search Engine Optimization, in which you search a keyword and after searching the keyword you will get results.

This keyword is anything for example if you want to buy shoes then you will search a keyword like red shoes and then Google will give you results about the Shoes that you want and then you can buy it.

SEO makes our work very easy. You can also take an example of an education blog when you want to learn anything that is related to your course you can search it and you get it. This is an advantage of Search Engine Optimization. First, you will thank Google and then you will thank Search Engine Optimization.

Local SEO and Global SEO

Now we will talk about the local SEO and global SEO as follows:

Local SEO:

If we talk about the local SEO, it targets the local business of our country for example if you have fast food Store in our country, then you will do your SEO locally because you want this business locally. We can take one more example, if you have Computer Hardware Business In London, then What you will do?  You can do SEO locally.


Computer hardware


There are two options for you. One is You can do your SEO locally or Second is You can hire an SEO consultant for your local SEO.

If you want to do Local SEO of your website then you have to submit your Business to Google My Business, Yelp, Superpages and yellow pages etc and then Local Seo will be done. and If you want to learn 10 Local seo tips in 2019 you can check the link in anchor text.

According to Me, If you don’t know how Local SEO works Then you should Hire an SEO consultant. And you should know which are your goals and Target audience. You can tell the SEO consultant and then Consultant will work according to your Requirements.

Global SEO :

Global SEO is very good when your target audience is global For example if you have a global Business like Amazon, Amazon is the third party that is selling the products. Then you want Global Seo But If you will do Local SEO for this business then it will greatly affect your Business and then your sales will decrease and perhaps one day your company would shut down.

There is a term name citation, it is simply the mention of your business name, physical address, and your phone number. It would increase the ranking of your connection in the eyes of Google.

There are many search Engines outside just like Google, China has Baidu, South Korea has Navar and Russia has Yandex You have to target all of this search Engines because they have 15 percent worth in global search Engines. So when you do Global SEO, these Search Engines Should always come to your mind.

If you do Global SEO, Then you have a plus point You can target more customers but its competition will be hard. I recommend If you want Global SEO You should hire a Consultant

Because the Consultant  Knows very well about the target audience and competition. They have tactics and strategy That can increase your traffics boost.


We are doing Local SEO and global SEO for different Purposes. When we want business locally then we will use Local SEO, the target audience is limited in the local SEO and when we want business Globally then the target audience is very large and we will use Globally SEO. Both have Different Strategy and different purposes.


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