What is the SERP full form? [Definition and Types]


SERP full form is Search Engine Result page in which search engine gives lists of results that we searched for a query. When we searched they give you the Web pages, titles, Descriptions, URL(Uniform Resource Locator) and many more things regarding the keywords that we searched.

Every SERP is unique. Notwithstanding for hunt inquiries performed on a similar internet searcher utilizing similar catchphrases or pursuit questions. This is on the grounds that for all intents and purposes all web indexes redo the experience for their clients by showing results dependent on a wide scope of components past their hunt terms, for example, the client’s physical area, perusing history, and social settings.

                       Types Of SERP?

There are three Main types of SERP as following:

1. Google Spider Bot:

It is the first type of Search Engine Result Page. Google Spider bot crawled, searched and index the pages and then you can see the Results on the page. These are the Organic Searches you search for the keyword on the Search Engine and then it gave the Results regarding your keyword.

Organic Searches

Natural outcomes are postings of site pages that show up because of the internet searcher’s calculation (more on this in the blink of an eye). Site design improvement experts, usually known as SEO, have practical experience in advancing web substance and sites to rank all the more exceedingly in natural list items.

2. Manually Add :

The pages that manually added to the Google Database by the Google team.

3. Paid Search Engine :

In this type, Marketers pay to Google to put ads on this to gain Results on the page. There are many types of paid ads shown on Google. In 2012, only Text ads were shown on Google But Now all type of ads are shown on Google.

Paid Result


The guide and professional resource are the main outcomes on this SERP that are not unequivocally paid outcomes. This guide has appeared on a client’s area, and highlight postings for neighborhood organizations in Business Account.

Google My Business is a free registry of organizations that can enable littler neighborhood organizations (Local SEO) to expand their searchers dependent on Geolocation. Peruse this blog entry for more data on Google My Business.

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