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What is SEO in Digital Marketing? Types and its Benefits?

SEO is very important field in digital marketing. In this Blog, I will tell you about what is SEO in digital marketing. SEO is the Search Engine optimization in which we will optimize the website or blog according to the Search Engine guideline. There are many search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo, Baidu and many more. But 95 % people are going to use Google Search Engine I will talk about that Search Engine.

There are some topics that I will be discussed in the blog as follows:

  1. What is SEO in digital marketing?
  2. Benefit of SEO in digital marketing?
  3. Types of SEO?


What is SEO in digital marketing?

SEO in digital marketing is important field in which we follows the guidelines of Google and do it whatever Google is saying to us. First step is keyword Research, second step is write onpage SEO content writing and third is to create Backlinks for ranking.

We will do SEO in digital marketing in order to create traffic and Get more sales. Sales are the main objective to do SEO of the website.


Benefits of SEO in digital marketing?

There are many benefits of SEO in digital marketing I will tell you few as follows:

  1. After implementing SEO, Your online Visibility will increase People will know your Brand more.
  2. Your Website Traffic will Increase with the time.
  3. Your sales will Increase after doing SEO.
  4. Your Authority will Increase People will trust your Site More.

The main Benefit is Sales SEO will help you to get sales in which way you will generate Revenue on your website.


Types of SEO?

There are four Sections of SEO like onpage SEO, offpage SEO, content and SEO Audit Now I will talk about these topics one by one.

1. Onpage SEO:

Onpage SEO is the type of SEO in which we will do all the things on the website in order to optimize the website in terms of onpage SEO guidelines. You can see below


You have to follow the OnPage SEO guidelines:

  1. keywords in the Meta title, Meta Description and in slug.
  2. keywords in the h1 tag.
  3. Internal linking and external linking should be  done.
  4. Images and Videos should be added.
  5. Relevant keywords should be added.

These are the basic guidelines of OnPageSEO that you should aware of that.


2. Offpage SEO:

Offpage SEO is the type of SEO in which we will create backlinks in another website in order to get ranking and traffic. Now a days, backlinks creation are very difficult if you have handsome budget then you can create good high quality backlinks.

There are many methods to create backlink but I will tell you high quality methods as follows:

  1. Get Guest posting from high Authority Sites
  2. Haro Link building
  3. Resources link building
  4. Broken link building

If you will follow these Methods then I can guarantee you can get rank easily. Just follow the rules of Offpage SEO like website DA, PA should be greater than 30 , traffic should be greater than 1000 and SS is less than 5%. Niche should be Relevant.


3. Technical Audit:

Technical Audit is important section of SEO in which you will audit the website in the paid tools like ahrefs , semrush and Moz After auditing, they will give you report of that website.

You have to set the things as follows:

  1. Website speed should be good
  2. Website should be mobile friendly
  3. 404 , 301, 500 should be resolved
  4. Redirect Issue should be done

These are some issues that you need to be focused in Technical SEO.


4. Content:

Content is the most main thing in SEO. There is a saying that “Content is king” if you have a unique and good content then your website will get rank quickly after doing small SEO. So, make sure Content should be high quality and Unique.

Content can be in different forms like:

  1. Blog posts
  2. Infographics
  3. Video content
  4. Website pages
  5. Guides and more

Always Research the content first, is the content is searching or not? If the content is not searching then it’s a wastage of time to create content on this.



All the Business Owners that have business online like Blogs, Ecommerce, Saas, Services based Business should invest on SEO. In this way, you will get great junk of Sales and you will get more revenue. Although it was slow process but good brands are investing in the SEO Industry and get a major junk.

Ahmad Nazir
Ahmad Nazir
I am Digital marketing Expert having 3 years of Experience in this Industry currently working on SEO and Google ads projects. I am also Blogger created content regarding Digital marketing.



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